Brian’s Blog, January 1st, 2017

January 1, 2017

After being on TEXAS DEATH ROW for 25 years and educating myself as best I can while here, it’s difficult to know how and where to introduce you to me and my life. Having said that, there are various topics I would like to cover. I guess the best place to start would be the fact that after 26 years of incarceration, 2 execution dates, and the lingering threat of a third, and everyday of the last 18 years done in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, it’s a wonder I’ve maintained my sanity where so many others haven’t.

A quick introduction to who I am would be…. I was born August 28, 1968 in Hawthorne, Nevada, the son of a U. S. Marine. Like many military families, we moved quite a lot. I’ve lived in the Carolines, Virginia, Adak Alaska, and Washington state, and of course Texas. The upside to living in so many different places is that it helped me to appreciate the beauty of nature and getting to know different people.

The downside of moving around so much is that I was enrolled in 24 different schools in 8 years. As a result I had a hard time learning as well as making friends because I knew I would be uprooted again, and the last grade I completed in school was the 7th grade. I was reading and writing at a 2nd and 3rd grade level.

When I turned 15, I returned from a stint in T.Y.C.(Texas Youth Commission)and my mother told me I would either live by her rules or leave. I decided I would live on the streets alone where at least there (I) decided when and where I stayed.

In my 16th year, I was arrested on a delivery of marijuana charge and certified as an adult. I received 6 years probation for my crime, but in my opinion to certify a boy of 16 with hardly any education or life skills at all as an (ADULT) constitutes a crime in itself. NO 16 year old can be an adult but they can certainly be made into victims by that classification.

Shortly after that I was married to my first wife Tracy. A year and a half later my probation was revoked and I was sent to TDC for the first time of what would be 3 trips this being the 3rd.

I was sentenced to death at 23. As a human being I’ve done many things and made many mistakes but I am INNOCENT of the crime I am here for. It’s non-debatable and 100% fact. I foolishly gave a false confession to protect my then 2nd wife from prosecution as all the evidence pointed at her. The confession can be viewed on this site. I confessed in order to obtain immunity for her and you can read for yourself the protest letter from Detective Charles Smith that was against her making parole on another case that states the fact about my confession.

Expert Dr. DeClue affidavit that my confession was in fact false can be viewed here as well but the evidence that proves I am an innocent man is that the DNA excludes me and should in fact EXONERATE me from this crime.

I will have more blogs about my life, my case, the death penalty and the politics that surround these topics. In short, I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions, and encourage you to share yours with me if you are willing to open up your self to me as I am to you. If anyone would like to write to me, I welcome your letters. Anyone from any country can write to me directly or post comments on this page. I ask that people don’t play games or bring drama to my life and fight because I have a hard enough time with Texas trying to kill me. That’s all the drama I can stand.

You can write to me Directly at Brian E. Davis #999036, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A. I can also receive emails via but it’s very important that you include your address because we have NO computers access at all. Hell, we’re not even allowed T.V.’s much less the Internet.

As you will discover as we go along, I am much more than than the mistakes I’ve made and the adversity I now face. I will never be perfect because none of us are but I don’t deserve to die for a crime I did not commit. I will end with a poem and best wishes for friendship we’ll creat.

I wonder what fool is being questioned in there.
What crime they are guilty, or innocent of?
What secrets are being picked at, what confession created
And whose lies and treasons laid bare..?

In Solidarity

Brian Davis


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